Tanja Cilia

Freelance Writer

Random Poems

What got you here?

Trains and boats and planes
Not transports of delight because
I sat in them till the cows came home.
And so did I, feeling antsy.
I had a reason; ’tis the season
For sun, sand, and clean sea…
I had an excuse; I had nothing to lose
Except rain, concrete, and murky river.
But the home where I lived
Is now someone else’s house.

Postcard Poem

Home thoughts from abroad
Don’t wish you were here
Hackneyed phrases
That mean nothing.
And everything.
The foresight of hindsight
Tells me
It is not better to have loved and lost
Than better not to have loved at all.

The World Without Me

Lock stock barrel
Hop skip jump
Higher further faster
For better or worse
World without end
I am here and now
And without me, life goes on;
But what good would that be to me?

My Toddler

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear what a nice day
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear come out to play.
See the clouds so soft in the sky
And the bright wings of a butterfly.
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear jump, skip, hop;
Come with me, let’s go to the shop.
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear what will you choose –
Your football boots or your new black shoes?
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear fly your kite
See the stars shine bright at night.
Time for some exercise; let’s go for a run…
Let’s play in the garden, now won’t that be fun?

Goofy Poem

Goats smell caprylic;
Geese are extremely silly
Gophers go for broke.

Serious Poem

Sea and Ocean cry
Clouds rain sludge and dark secrets
Mankind kills, then dies.

Don’t Think, Do!

Fools rush in where
Both angels and devils fear to tread.
They know that procrastination
Is the thief of time and space.
To be, or not to be
Are not questions – they’re replies
To the quintessential quandary.
Don’t think. Go by your gut reaction.


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