Tanja Cilia

Freelance Writer




First of twelve labours:
Slaying the Nemean Lion;
Bringing back its pelt.

Labour Number Two:
To kill Lake Lerna’s Hydra –
Nine-headed serpent.

Hind of Artemis;
Golden beast that lived in Greece;
Was it a reindeer?

Chiron gives advice;
Raging Erymanthian Boar…
“Catch it in thick snow!”

Augean stables;
Thirty years of dung to clean…
Rivers wash out filth.

Slay Stymphalian Birds;
Beaks of bronze and metal barbs…
Scared them off with noise.

On to seventh task:
Caught Cretan Bull with bare hands;
Hera refused it.

Man-eating horses,
Also known as Mares of Thrace…
He taped their mouths shut.

Admeta wants it;
Girdle of Amazon Queen.
Hera interfered!

The Monster Geryon
Had herds that Heracles stole…
After killing him.

Stealing the apples
From Orchard of Hesperides
Eleventh labour.

Capture Cerberus…
The three-headed dog of Hades;
Thus, ends our story!


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Tanja Cilia

Freelance Writer

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