Tanja Cilia

Freelance Writer

Apples of My Eye!



Filippa, Gala, Ariane, Falstaff, Gavin – Apples,

One of which you ought to take each day

To send the doctor on his way, and fast

And make sure he keeps on going,

Because you’re not sick, you’re well

Apart from hay-fever caused by orchard flowers,


Holstein, Orkney, Dawn, and Empire flowers

Scented blooms of mellifluous names of Apples

Drinking nectar and ambrosia from the bottomless well

Blessing the earth with their beauty, day after day

Whichever way the market for them is going.

And farmers hoping their crops will sell fast


Better than cereals to break the fast,

Perfect for pot-pourri, the dried flowers

Containers of apples, to the markets going

First in the list, A-is-for-Apples

Give me an Esopus Spitzenberg, any day.

And maybe a Lord Lambourne and a Rajka as well.


Lore says eating apples will keep you well,

Or if you’ll sick, they’ll cure you fast.

I’d attest to that theory, any day

Despite my allergy to apple flowers,

There are hundreds of varieties of Apples,

Which ones you choose, depends upon where you’re going.


Eating raw, pureeing, or stewing, was what I meant by “going”

By the way… you can bob for apples, at festivals, as well…

But, for your teeth’s sake, steer clear of toffee Apples

Because gone the doctor, come the dentist, and fast!

You can make a tisane from the flowers

To soothe you ate the end of a tiring day.


So you see, this fruit is useful, night and day,

It would be good to keep the tradition going,

Whether for the fruit or for the flowers,

Or for the shade the trees give, as well….

It’s good to get the word around, and fast

For mind, body and soul, the best fruits are Apples.


The well fills, and quenches the thirst of Apples,

And always their flowers turn night into day

Making times of sadness go by fast, and urge them to keep going.


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