Tanja Cilia

Freelance Writer

Ode to a Christmas cake

Grandma´s Birnenbrot
Or kejk tal-frott tan-Nanna?
The latter’s better!
Pomegranate seeds;
Pine nuts, raisins, barley mash…
Ancient Rome technique!
Innocent the Eighth
Allowed the use of butter
In the Butterbrief.
Dresdner Stollen cakes;
Candied fruits add calories…
Who cares… it’s Christmas!
It takes the biscuit;
Bahamas cake, drenched with rum
Makes you gasp for air!
Shaped like loaves of bread;
Inane and bland, British cakes
Tasting of sour dough.
So chewy and dense
Panforte from Tuscany…
Shallow and spicy.
Nutty as fruitcakes
Yorkshire’s cake-and-cheese;
Cozonac from Romania
The Great Fruitcake toss
Shelf life is not forever…
Combining the two!


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